Workshop 1
Introduction to IELTS Speaking Community
IELTS Speaking Community入門
Teacher: Neil Curry & Jo Mynard
Date: May 7th (Thu) 2015
Time: 12:15-13:05
Place: 6-201

Do you need to regularly practice speaking for the IELTS exam? Would you like to know about hints & the topics that will be in the exam? We are beginning a community for practicing together, so please come if you feel you would like to be part of it.Click here to register.
IELTSに向けて定期的にスピーキングの練習をしたいですか?試験に出るトピックや役立つヒントを知りたいですか?新たに発足されたIELTS Speaking Communityで、是非一緒に練習しましょう。予約はこちらから


Workshop 2
Welcome to the Conversation Club!
Conversation Clubへようこそ!

Teacher: Satoko Watkins
Date: May 15th (Fri) 2015
Time: 12:15-13:05
Place: 4-105

Do you want to improve your casual conversation skills? At this workshop, you will be able to meet some of the Conversation Club members and experience what it will be like to join the club. Join us, and learn about others as they learn about you!Click here to register.
Conversation Clubは、毎週金曜のお昼に集まり、ご飯を食べながら英会話を楽しんでいます。ワークショップに参加して、一日体験入部をしてみませんか?予約はこちらから


Workshop 3
Let’s Try Shadowing!

Teacher: Rachel Manley
Date: May 19th (Tue) 2015
Time: 12:15-13:05
Place: 6-202

This workshop will give you ideas and advice on how to use movies, video clips and TV shows to practice pronunciation, vocabulary and listening.Click here to register.


Workshop 4
Visit Chicago!

Teacher: Samantha Marta
Date: May 28th (Thu) 2015
Time: 12:15-13:05
Place: 6-2012

Are you interested in traveling or studying abroad in Chicago? Chicago is the 3rd largest city in America with a lot to see, eat, and do. You will learn a lot of interesting information about famous places, food, and popular festivals in Chicago!Click here to register.



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