Workshop 14
Advanced Discussion Practice
Teacher: Neil Curry & Jo Mynard
Date: October 1st (Thu) 2015
Time: 12:15-13:05
Place: 6-202

Would you like to regularly practice talking about different academic and advanced topics in English? We are beginning a community for practicing speaking together every Thursday lunchtime. Develop your speaking confidence in a supportive environment. This will also be great practice for the discussion part of the IELTS test.
*You can have your lunch during this workshop. Click here to register.


Jacob R

Workshop 15
Using the iPad to learn English through Music

Teacher: Jake Reed
Date: October 6th (Tue) 2015
Time: 16:30-17:30
Place: 4-104

Music is a fun and exciting way to learn English. This workshop will teach you how to use your iPad to play a game that teaches you the lyrics of your favorite songs and music videos. Sing or just type along while you learn English!
*Please bring your iPad.
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Erin O

Workshop 16
On the Road to Your Goals!

Teacher: Erin Okamoto
Date: October 15th (Thu) 2015
Time: 12:15-13:05
Place: 6-202

This workshop will take a step-by-step approach to goal setting by first determining students’ basic wants, interests and needs, and then start to map out a plan from start to finish to experience one way of possibly go about achieving your goal/s. We will also look at some common problems or “roadblocks” students face after their goals are set, and reflect on what to do to get back on track.
*Please refrain from having lunch during this workshop.
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Samantha M

Workshop 17
Halloween – Ghost Stories!

Teacher: Samantha Marta
Date: October 27th (Tue) 2015
Time: 12:15-13:05
Place: 6-202

Are you excited for the Halloween party? Do you believe in ghosts? Let’s learn some Halloween vocabulary, listen to Halloween sounds, and watch a video about a haunted English building in the United States!
*You can have your lunch during this workshop.
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