SALC Workshops 2014 2nd semester


BartonWorkshop 19

Empowering your speeches
Teacher: Barton Colmerauer
Date: December 3rd (Wed) 2014
Time: 16:50-18:20
Place: 6-206

Come join us to learn about how to make more effective points in your speeches. This workshop will teach you skills for highlighting your ideas and making your main points stick with your audience. We’ll also touch on the importance of enthusiasm and how to match your enthusiasm to your presentation.

 This workshop has been cancelled.

CharlotteWorkshop 20

Multiple skills development using TED Talks
Teacher: Charlotte Lin
Date: December 11th (Thu) 2014
Time: 16:50-18:20
Place: 6-202

Be inspired, focus your learning on the target areas and develop multiple skills in one learning session – the flexibility of a 3-minute TED Talk for your English learning.
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