The SALC’s 3rd Photography Competition

We are very pleased to announce that the SALC will be holding its third Photography Competition.

Just send a photo based on the theme and the winners will be given a wonderful prize! For further details, please keep on reading.

Theme: Album Cover
Re-create your favourite band/musician’s album cover. Use your friends or family as models (but ask their permission first!)

Winner: 8,000 yen value gift
2nd place: 5,000 yen value gift
3rd place: A mystery prize

【How to enter】
・ Take a photo based on the theme.
・ Send the email to with your name, student ID number and a 150 word (maximum) explanation of the photo in English.
・ In the explanation, tell us about the photo you have submitted, why you chose that band/musician and the design.

June 24th 5p.m.

All the contestants’ photos will be displayed in the SALC and the students will be asked to vote for their favourite.
The top 3 contestants with the most votes will be awarded a prize.

You can only submit ONE photo per competition.
The photo must be sent as a JPG file.
Make sure that the camera’s resolution is set at high.
The copyright on the image will be retained by the owner and will not be re-published for other uses without your consent.

【Contact Information】
Any questions regarding the contest, please contact:

We look forward to receiving a lot of photos from you.

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