These free websites will help you speak English more clearly to improve your communication.

English Central Learn English while watching videos.  Use a microphone to “shadow” movies, commercials, and other cool videos. (You have to register first, but it’s free)

TUFS Language Modules – short dialogues giving examples of English from different parts of the world (you might recognize some of the scenes and actors!

Syllables Pop-up Counting QuizA quick and easy game to help you separate syllables when you speak.   Read the word and count the syllables.

Sounds of English –  This site has a lot of activities to improve your pronunciation.

HowjSay – Learn about syllable stress and rhythmType a word or phrase and hear it pronounced

Accents of English from Around the WorldAt this amazing site, you can hear English speakers from may different countries and regions pronouncing the same words.  You might be surprised at the differences in dialects.

Useful voice recording app

Are you looking for a better voice recording app for your iPhone or iPad? Voice Record Pro is a useful one. Why? It’s easier to share recordings using this app because you can send files to your Google Drive or … Continue reading

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