There are hundreds of graded readers in the SALC and new books are added to the collection all the time. You can find books by searching the online database

There are many genres of graded readers (easy books) in the SALC!

Click these links for some graded reader recommendations with a theme you might enjoy (you must log in to Moodle first):

Practice your reading online with one of these links:


American English – many of these classic graded readers have audio

Case Studies

Music Therapy Case Studies – These are case studies written by KUIS students in a class taught by Prof. Tim Murphey.

Extensive Reading with Graded Readers

Extensive Reading Foundation – This website shows some of the best graded readers, including winners of a special prize for the best graded readers!

Penguin  – On this website you can get help to choose a level of graded reader and try activities linked to the books in the Penguin range.

Macmillan  – Macmillan have set up a book corner club with activities and reading pages for books in their titles at different levels. Perfect for self-study!


Poetry Archive – This is the best place to hear poetry on the web. The archive is an treasure box of poems, including some poets reading their own work.

Teen Ink – Poetry and stories written by teens for teens

Story It has some classic poems that are easy and fun to read.

Short Stories

Mystery Stories – Short mystery stories updated regularly

Short Stories – A large collection of short stories of all genres

Biographies – Short biographies of thousands of people

Internet Public Library – Online library including websites, magazines, newspapers, books and reference materials, organized by subject area

Topics – A magazine published by and for international students

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