Listen a Minute – One minute listening texts with vocabulary and comprehension activities

Randall’s ESL Listening Labdevelop your listening skills with many interesting  activities.  You can choose from  easy, medium and difficult levels.

Academic English Listening This site has listening activities for 3 levels of Academic English with audio scripts and worksheets.

Australia Network – Nexus – Learn about Australia and listen to Australian English at this website.  There are videos to help you with vocabulary, and grammar as well as a drama called Living English, that you can watch online.

ELLLO (English Language Listening Lab Online)This is a free online listening resource of over 1,000 listening activities designed especially for language learners. Most listening activities include pictures, a quiz, a script and downloadable MP3s.

VOA News in Special English – Here, you can listen to radio shows that focus on the USA. Choose a topic from the menu on the left of the page, then choose a story, and listen to it by downloading the Real Audio file on the right of the page.

Video Jug – This  is a large collection of  videos which explain how to do everything from  love and dating to building machines and car maintenance.

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