The SALC’s 4th Photography Competition

The SALC held the Photography Competition last semester and we received many submissions.  A big thank you to everyone who participated and voted!

We are very pleased to announce that the SALC will be holding its 4th Photography Competition.

Just send a photo based on the theme and the winners will be given wonderful prizes! For further details, keep reading….

City Life
The city is full of action, wonderful things and people.  Capture anything that represents any busy and exciting city in a photo!

Winner: 8,000 yen value gift
2nd Place: 5,000 yen value gift
3rd Place: A mystery prize

・ Take a photo based on the theme.  The photo must be taken as high resolution as possible (at least 1MB).
・ Send the email to with the photo, your name, student ID number and a 150 word (maximum) explanation of the photo in English.
・ In the explanation, tell us about the photo you have submitted, why you chose to take this photo.

Tuesday, 2nd November 5p.m.

All the contestants’ photos will be displayed in the SALC and the students will be asked to vote for their favourite.

The top 3 contestants with the most votes will be awarded a prize.

・ You can only submit ONE photo per competition.
・ The photo must be sent as a JPG file.  The photo must be taken as high resolution as possible (at least 1MB).
・ Make sure that the camera resolution is set at high.
・ The copyright on the image will be retained by the owner and will not be re-published for other purposes without your consent.

【Contact Information】
Any questions regarding the contest, please contact:
Tel: 043-273-1298 (att: Yuko Momata)
We look forward to receiving a lot of photos from you!

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