Practice speaking with students at the University of Minnesota, in the US, who are keen to practice their Japanese. You can practice with native speakers, choose times that suit you and the language(s) you want to practice. You can also choose the age and gender of your partner..  Click here for more info and here to register.

World Englishes examples – You can learn useful expressions that you can use in daily life. You can choose English spoken in America, Australia and England and learn different English accents

Voxopop – Voxopop talkgroups are a fun, easy way to develop your speaking skills.  They’re a bit like message boards, but use voice instead of text.

EnglishCentral – EnglishCentral is a  exciting and powerful way to improve your English skills.  EnglishCentral helps you practice your pronunciation and tracks your improvement.  You can learn pronunciation by watching hundreds of commercials, interviews, and movie trailers.

English for Work – EnglishClub.com has some super activities here for speaking English at work. It’s great if you work at a shop, hotel, airport, restaurant, or other place where you have English-speaking customers.  **Recommended by students**

Skype – Use Skype with a microphone to practice speaking with a partner. Use the conversation prompts or role play cards in the CALL section of the SALC for ideas.  You can use Skype in the SALC speaking booths or downoad it to your computer for free.  **Recommended by the SSC (SALC Student Committee)**

Be careful when you meet strangers on the Internet!  Do not give them too much information about your location and personal details.

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