The SALC’s 5th Photography Competition

The SALC has held a total of 4 photography competitions and we received many submissions.  A big thank you to everyone for your participation and voting!

The SALC became 10 years old on June 1st.  To celebrate this special occasion, please take a photo of something you like about the SALC and introduce it to everyone.

Wonderful prizes will be given to the winners!  For further details, please keep on reading.


What do you think of when you hear “SALC”?
What do you like to do when you come to the SALC?  Take a photo of the SALC that is special to you.

Winner:   ¥10,000 value gift
2nd place: ¥7,000 value gift
3rd place: ¥5,000 value gift
All participants will be given original SALC goods.

How to apply
–  Take a photo based on the theme.  You can use either your mobile phone camera or digital camera but don’t forget to set them to the highest quality.
–  Send the email to with the photo, your name, student ID number and tell us about the photo in English (10-100 words).

Friday, June 24th 17:00

All the contestants’ photos will be displayed in the SALC and the students will be asked to vote for their favourite.
The top 3 contestants with the most votes will be awarded a prize.

–   You can only submit ONE photo per competition
–   The copyright on the image will be retained by the owner and will not be re-published for other uses without your consent.

Contact Information
Any questions regarding the contest, please contact:
Tel:      043-273-1298 (att: Yuko Momata)

We look forward to receiving a lot of photos from you.

About Troy

I am a instructor of English as a second/foreign language (ESL/EFL). I live in Chiba, Japan.
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