Chat with a Computer Program (often called a “Chatbot”)!

Note: These bots might not work on mobile devices such as iPads.

AliceOne of the most popular chatbots online.  She has won many awards.  She is very smart and can talk about many topics.  To start chatting, type into the box in the middle of the screen that says “You say:”

Elbot – A friendly and funny robot that likes to joke around.  He can talk about almost anything in English and German. Push Elbot’s red button and start a conversation.

George –  George is very good at chitchat.  He has been  learning from users since 2003.

Ultra Hal – A semi-animated bot which learns from users.  Type your name under the first green button and then click “Let’s Chat.”

Other “Artificial Intelligence” games

Akinator – Think of a character from TV, movies, or animation. Then answer some easy questions. The Akinator will guess the character that you’re thinking of.


20Q – Amazong!  Play a game of 20 questions with a very smart computer.  It really can guess what you’re thinking!

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