Using the Let’s Study English Website

Teacher: Troy Rubesch
Date:  July 5th (Thurs) 2012
Time: 12:35-13:25
Place: 6-202

The amazing “Let’s Study English” website will help you improve your English skills anytime, anywhere. Join Troy for a guided tour of this useful website. We will try all of the site’s great features to help you reach your English learning goals.

Let’s Study English Websiteの活用法
SALCとELIの学生用ウェブサイト「Let’s Study English」を使って、いつでもどこでも、英語力を磨く方法を教えます。トロイがこの便利なウェブサイトの使い方をガイドします。英語の学習目標達成に役立つ使い方を一緒に学びましょう。

About Troy

I am a instructor of English as a second/foreign language (ESL/EFL). I live in Chiba, Japan.
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