2014 1st semester

SALC Workshops 2014 1st semester


James OWorkshop 1

Intensive pronunciation practice -L vs R
発音特訓!L vs R
Teacher: James Owens
Date: May 26th (Mon) 2014
Time: 12:35-13:25
Place: 6-202

This lesson includes a variety of fun activities and games that can help you with a problem nearly all students have – the pronunciation of /l/ and /r/ words. Suitable for any level of student. Click here to register.


PhoebeWorkshop 2

Studying abroad in California
Teacher: Phoebe Lyon
Date: May 28th (Wed) 2014
Time: 16:50-17:50
Place: 4-103

Come and find out if this is the place for you! You will learn a lot of useful interesting information about studying in California. You will also learn about California and the different cities. Click here to register.


Stuart BWorkshop 3

Choosing texts for learning vocabulary
Teacher: Stuart Benson
Date: May 29th (Thu) 2014
Time: 12:35-13:25
Place: 6-202

Do you find choosing texts difficult? Do you worry about the vocabulary in texts? This workshop will introduce a website (Lextutor) that will analyze texts to see if they are easy, appropriate, or difficult for your level. Click here to register.


James OWorkshop 4

IELTS -speaking test practice
IELTS –スピーキングテスト練習
Teacher: James Owens
Date: June 4th (Wed) 2014
Time: 16:50-18:20
Place: 6-206

Many student worry about the IELTS speaking test, but with enough practice and knowledge about how the test works, you need not worry too much. This workshop will give you useful information and plenty of opportunity to practice speaking with each other. Click here to register.


BartonWorkshop 5

Presentation skills 1: Presence with enthusiasm
Teacher: Barton Colmerauer
Date: June 16th (Mon) 2014
Time: 16:50-18:20
Place: 6-206

Do you feel your presentations lack energy? Take the opportunity to learn how to bring energy and enthusiasm to your speeches through using empathy, word choice, and voice. * Taking Workshop 5 and 7 together is recommended Click here to register.
感情移入、言葉の選択、声調などを巧みに行い、あなたのプレゼンにエネルギーと熱意を込める方法を学びましょう。*Workshop 5と7を一緒に参加することをお勧めします。予約はこちらから


JoWorkshop 6

How to keep your motivation high
Teacher: Jo Mynard
Date: June 20th (Fri) 2014
Time: 12:35-13:25
Place: 6-202

Do you find it difficult to keep your motivation high for learning languages? In this workshop you will share and learn some strategies for motivating yourself – no matter which language you are learning. All welcome. Click here to register.


BartonWorkshop 7

Presentation skills 2: Power plays when giving speeches
Teacher: Barton Colmerauer
Date: June 23rd (Mon) 2014
Time: 16:50-18:20
Place: 6-206

In this workshop you will learn how to improve your presentation by making your ideas clear, powerful, and memorable for your listeners. *Taking Workshop 5 and 7 together is recommended. Click here to register.
主張を明確に、力強く、印象深いものにし、あなたのプレゼンを改善する方法を学びましょう。*Workshop 5と7を一緒に参加することをお勧めします。予約はこちらから


PhoebeWorkshop 8

Travelling to Australia
Teacher: Phoebe Lyon
Date: July 1st (Tue) 2014
Time: 16:50-17:50
Place: 4-103

Australia is a large country with a lot to see, eat and do. Find out about the different places you can see and what you can eat, learn some Australian slang, and find out the best way for you to get around. Click here to register.


LizWorkshop 9

Brush up on TOEFL ITP: Listening and Reading strategies
もっとTOEFL ITP:リスニング・リーディング対策
Teacher: Elizabeth Lammons
Date: July 3rd (Thu) 2014
Time: 16:50-18:20
Place: 6-202

In this workshop, you will use strategies on actual question items. Come share and learn about strategies that you can use on the TOEFL ITP!Click here to register.
実際の設問を用いて効果的なTOEFL ITPへの対策を学び共有しましょう。予約はこちらから


TetsukoWorkshop 10

How to study English pronunciation by yourself
Teacher: Tetsuko Fukawa
Date: July 8th (Tue) 2014
Time: 12:35-13:25
Place: 6-102 (Production Room)

This workshop will introduce two useful websites (Rachel’s English and Phonetics) for studying English pronunciation. With these two websites, you will be able to study difficult English sounds by themselves outside of school.Click here to register.
英語発音学習に役立つウェブサイト、Rachel’s EnglishとPhoneticsを紹介します。このサイトを活用すれば、難しい英語の音も自分で学ぶことができるようになります。予約はこちらから


CharlotteWorkshop 11

Multi skills development with TED Talks
Teacher: Charlotte Lin
Date: July 11th (Fri) 2014
Time: 12:35-13:25
Place: 6-202

Be inspired, control what you want to learn and develop multiple skills with one resource. Learn how to make the most of TED talks.Click here to register.


SamanthaSummer Workshop 1

Making Good English Conversations
より良い英会話を目指そう ~ネイティブスピーカーの技~
Teacher: Samantha Marta
Date: July 31st (Thu) 2014
Time: 14:10-15:10
Place: 6-206

Is it difficult to talk for 15 minutes in English at the Practice Centre? Asking information questions is one way to make good conversation; however, a conversation is not just an interview. In this workshop, we will learn some of the ways that native speakers use to start and keep good conversations going.Click here to register.
Practice Centreで15分間英語を話すのは難しいですか?会話において、相手の情報を引き出すために質問をすることは、ひとつの良い方法です。しかし、会話はインタビューではありません。会話を始めるとき、そしてその会話をより良く持続させるとき、ネイティブスピーカーがどのような方法を使っているのか学びましょう。予約はこちらから


RachelSummer Workshop 2

World of Idioms & Slang
イディオムとスラングの世界 ~アメリカで使える日常表現~
Teacher: Rachel Manley
Date: July 31st (Thu) 2014
Time: 15:20-16:20
Place: 6-206

Would you like to learn about American idioms and slang, such as “to go all out”? If yes, come learn about idioms and slang that you can use in everyday English together!Click here to register.
“To go all out”のような、アメリカのイディオムやスラングに興味がありますか?日常で使えるアメリカ英語のイディオムやスラングを一緒に学びましょう。予約はこちらから


KristaSummer Workshop 3

Learning English through Anime
アニメで英語学習 ~好きこそ物の上手なれ~
Teacher: Krista Owen
Date: August 5th (Tue) 2014
Time: 11:00-12:00
Place: 6-202

Do you like anime? In this workshop, I will introduce how to find anime in English and then how to use it to study English in a fun way.Click here to register.


AdrienneSummer Workshop 4

Shadowing to Improve Pronunciation
シャドーイングで発音上達 ~夏休みの自立学習に最適~
Teacher: Adrienne Stacy
Date: August 5th (Tue) 2014
Time: 13:00-14:00
Place: 6-202

Shadowing is a fun and useful exercise that students at any level can do to practice pronunciation. In this workshop you’ll learn the basic of shadowing sound clips from movies, television shows, and speeches so that you’re confident practicing on your own during the summer break!Click here to register.


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