Learning Advisors

The advising service is available from April 7th
Click on a picture to make a reservation. Need help? Watch this video!
Curtis Elizabeth Erin Huw Jo
Curtis Elizabeth Erin Huw Jo
Kie Neil Neil Yuri Isra
Kie Neil Rob Yuri Isra

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Advising Appointments

How KUIS students can make an appointment with a learning advisor:

  1. Choose a learning advisor above – click on the picture
  2. Choose a day and time
  3. Tell us what you would like to talk about
  4. If you can’t come, please cancel online (you can also e-mail salc@kanda.kuis.ac.jp or call 043-273-1298)
  5. If you need help, ask at the front counter or download this guide
  6. Meet your learning advisor at the SALC counter

Learning Help Desk

A Learning Advisor will be available at the Learning Help Desk in the SALC.

Learn about the Learning Help Desk with this video made by KUIS students