Who are the Learning Advisors?

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Curtis Edlin

Curtis Edlin

I’m originally from Seattle, USA. I enjoy active sports such as jujutsu, running, cycling, hiking, and bouldering. I also like drawing and fantasy literature. I enjoy helping people improve their pronunciation and intonation, and I’m looking forward to chatting with you soon!
Curtis self-introduction video

Elizabeth Lammons

Hi, I’m Elizabeth and I’m from New Jersey in the USA. I have taught English in the States and in Korea. I love reading, trying new foods, and anything art and design related. I am excited about talking with you about how you can improve your language skills.
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Erin Okamoto

I’m originally from Boston, Massachusetts, USA. I have a background in travel, visual art, and (of course) language teaching. I love traveling around the world and looking at amazing things – but I also enjoy helping people become excited about learning and communicating their ideas. I’m looking forward to supporting you in all of your learning efforts.
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Huw Davies

Huw Davies

Hi! I’m of Welsh origin, and grew up in the countryside in England. I have taught English in New Zealand and Japan. I like reading novels, visiting new places, and drinking tea. I’m looking forward to helping you find ways of studying that suit your individual style.
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Jo Mynard (SALC Director)

I’m from Cardiff in Wales. In my free time I like reading, travelling, and hiking in the mountains of Japan. I’m looking forward to talking to you! I am particularly interested in helping you to discover ways to keep your motivation high. I also like using technology for learning.
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Kie Yamamoto

Kie Yamamoto

I’m from small town Shizuoka but studied in both England and Canada when I was a college student. I enjoy trying new and challenging sports, baking sweets, as well as relaxing in meditation. Come and chat with me in the SALC; I’m here to help you build up your confidence and make your English learning dreams come true!
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Neil Curry

Hi! I’m Neil and I’ve lived in Japan for about 9 years, and also for a short time in India. I enjoy aikido and scuba diving when I have spare time. I know how difficult it is to learn a new language so I’m looking forward to helping you however I can.
Neil self-introduction video

Robert Stevenson

Robert Stevenson

I’m Rob. I am from the US, but have lived in South Korea, Costa Rica, and now Japan. I love to read, write, and play boardgames. Learning another language builds cultural bridges and expands horizons, so I will do whatever I can to help. Start by saying, “Hello!”
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Yuri Imamura

Hello, I’m Yuri and I’m from Tokyo, Japan. I’ve studied abroad in England. I love watching films, listening to music and travelling around the world. As a language learner and a graduate of KUIS, I’m very much looking forward to exploring different ways of learning together!
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