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I am a instructor of English as a second/foreign language (ESL/EFL). I live in Chiba, Japan.

Using the Let’s Study English Website

Teacher: Troy Rubesch Date:  July 5th (Thurs) 2012 Time: 12:35-13:25 Place: 6-202 The amazing “Let’s Study English” website will help you improve your English skills anytime, anywhere. Join Troy for a guided tour of this useful website. We will try all of the site’s … Continue reading

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An Introduction to Classic Disney Animation

Teacher: Glichelle Pereyra Date: June 1st (Fri) 2012 Time: 12:35-13:25 Place: 6-202 Do you want to learn more about Disney animation? Do you know the difference between a villain and a henchman? This workshop will show you the strategies used in Disney Classics that make … Continue reading

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IELTS Speaking & Listening

Teacher: Bob Morrison Date: May 31st (Thurs) 2012 Time: 12:35-13:25 Place: 6-202 Are you going to take an IELTS exam?  Do you know about the speaking and listening parts and how to practice?  This workshop will help you understand about the different sections in … Continue reading

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Using VoiceThread to Improve Your Speaking Skills

Teacher: Tamatha Roman Date: March 8th (Thu) 2012 Time: 13:00-14:00 Place: 6-202 Want to improve your speaking skills but are too shy to practice with native speakers? By using VoiceThread, a free online program, you can practice speaking with English … Continue reading

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Chat with SALC-bot!

SALC-bot is a friendly computer program that can chat about the SALC, learning English, and many other topics.  If you agree, SALC-bot will save your conversation for a study about how students use chatbots.  For more information about the study, … Continue reading

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Using song worksheets to improve your English

Teacher: Simon Cooke Date: Dec 15th (Thu) 2011 Time: 16:50-17:50 Place: 6-202 Do you like to listen to music by foreign artists but often don’t know what they are singing about? SALC Song Worksheets can help you! Come to this workshop to improve your listening … Continue reading

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The SALC’s 5th Photography Competition

The SALC has held a total of 4 photography competitions and we received many submissions.  A big thank you to everyone for your participation and voting! The SALC became 10 years old on June 1st.  To celebrate this special occasion, … Continue reading

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What’s New in the SALC – June 2011

1. Workshops: There are 4 more workshops this semester- learn more here: 2. Photography competition.  Look out for the posters around campus for info on how to win amazing prizes by photographing the SALC. 3. New materials:  The SALC … Continue reading

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How to Write a Personal Essay

Teacher: Rochelle King Date: 2011 May 31st (Tue) Time: 16:50-17:50 Place: 6-202 Do you want to study abroad but don’t know what to write about in your personal essay? In this workshop you will learn how to write an interesting … Continue reading

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Discover the World

Teacher: Shelley Wright Date: 2011 May 25th (Wed) Time: 16:50-17:50 Place: 6-202 Discover the world from inside the SALC. The SALC has many resources for exploring foreign countries, strange customs and amazing sights. See what the world has to offer … Continue reading

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