SALC orientation

If you would like to find out more about the SALC, here is the best place to start!

Orientation for classes

For an overview of the SALC, take a look at this video

Also, you can download the SALC app from CampusWeb and look at the SALC brochure.

• How much do you know about the SALC? Try the quizzes below for fun!

About the SALC

  • 1: Welcome to the SALC

  • 2: What is the SALC?

  • 3: How can the SALC help you to learn languages

About the learning advisors

  • 4: What is a Learning Advisor?

  • 5: Who are the Learning Advisors?

  • 6: How can you meet a Learning Advisor?

  • 7: What can LAs help you with?

SALC Modules

  • 8: What are the modules?

  • 9: What do you have to do to take the module?



What’s next?

• Make a SALC card
• Say hi to a learning advisor
• Enjoy using the SALC!